• Legacy of legends -
    Idle RPG Clicker Adventure

    Join King Arthur in this Story-Rich and Strategy-Driven Idle RPG Adventure ⚔️


    Fun Finery's first pillar - We Love Games

    We Love Games

    We love the blank canvas games provide in pre-production and we love how complexity begins to emerge in production. We love the hassle that surrounds shipping a game and we love the serene satisfaction of bringing joy to millions of users around the world.

    Fun Finery's second pillar - Attention to Details

    Attention to Details

    Whether it’s about optimizing a game flow by a tap or making our art pixel perfect, we don’t cut corners and we don’t settle for good enough.

    We strive for excellence in everything we do and once we get there, we keep moving towards perfection.

    Fun Finery's third pillar - Serious Customer Focus

    Serious Customer Focus

    We take our players seriously.

    We read every comment, we consider every feedback and we deeply care about your opinion. We practice a democratic approach to building games and we try hard to empower everyone who loves our games! 

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