Privacy Policy

Thank you for playing our games and welcome to Fun Finery’s Privacy Policy, last updated July 1st, 2018.

The protection of your personal information is of utmost importance to Kandidat.BG Ltd. (“Fun Finery”, “us” or “we”) a limited liability company registered in Bulgaria. This policy is an agreement between Fun Finery and you (“you”), the user of our Services. In the text below you will find details about how we collect, process and use that information. Please, read these details carefully as it will help you make informed decision on when and how to share information with us. If you have any questions or concerns about this policy or the practices and processes behind the handling of your personal information or in case you would like to review, change or delete your personal information collected by us, feel free to contact us at, send us a message through our games or directly at:

1. Scope

This privacy policy applies to this website as well as all the games we operate and any other related to that services (e.g. advertising activities) which will henceforth be known as the “Fun Finery Services” or “Services”. It is important to realize that this policy governs exclusively the Services and not any additional services that might be provided to you by third parties. Fun Finery does not supervise or participate in the creation of third party privacy policy conditions and can only advise you to additionally read and be informed about such third party privacy policies.

2. Agreement

By interacting with this website and using our Services you agree to the terms described in this Privacy Policy ( as well as to the terms described in our Terms of Service ( which includes the collection and processing of your personal information. In case you disagree with the terms provided in our Privacy Policy or in our Terms of Service, we request that you immediately leave this website, do not download any of our games or make use of any of our Services and most importantly do not share any personal information with us. In case you have already installed one or more of our games or made use of our Services, please erase all such games from your devices and discontinue the usage of our Services immediately.

3. Effect

Our Privacy Policy has become effective on July 1, 2018. We reserve the right to change, modify, add or delete portions of this Privacy Policy at our discretion. In case some parts of the Privacy Policy are changed, these changes will be in effect as soon as the updated Privacy Policy can be accessed on this website and the effective date will change accordingly. We recommend that you check this Privacy Policy and the corresponding Terms of Service regularly, as continuing to use our Services implies you understand and acknowledge the latest texts available on our website. The last date on which any change inside the document has taken place is reflected in the date mentioned at the very beginning of both the Privacy Policy and the Terms of Service.

4. Information collected

Information we may collect about you falls under three main categories.

4.1. Data you provide us. This category contains information such as: contact details; your name or alias; a profile photo; messages sent to us; other data you choose to give us such as data you might send us when reporting an issue to our customer support team.

4.2. Data you provide us that is automatically collected. This category contains information such as: data about your account and progress in the game; your IP address and device identifiers (e.g. device ID and advertising ID); device details (e.g. device name, operating system, language used); data collected through tracking technologies (described under 8. Tracking below); general location data; data about your usage of the Services (e.g. resources collected, upgrades purchased or number of different sessions you started in a game).

4.3. Data provided to us by our partners. This category contains information such as: data received from third party tools like Facebook, Game Center or Google Play Services that allows for the proper embedding of these tools within our Services (e.g. your account number for Google Play Services and/or Apple Game Center); data allowing to detect and fight fraud such as payment refund abuse and advertising click fraud; data from the platforms that distribute our games such as verification of a legitimate payment; advertising and analytics data that can help us deliver better Services such as usage preferences, interests or crash statistics.

5. Information usage

We use the general aggregated information from all our users as well as your personal information as categorized above in order to run and continually improve the Services we offer to you in three aspects.

5.1. Our Services work as intended. By collecting the information described above we guarantee our Services’ core functionalities including, but not limited to: creating an account and registering you as a customer for our Services; allowing in app purchases; verifying your legitimate in app purchases; delivering digital goods to you; communicating with you regarding the Services; anticipating future traffic and Services usage to assure uninterrupted Services usage in the future; authenticating you and resuming your game progress from where you last left.

5.2. Our Services can continually improve. To find out what we can do better, we use the information described above to: update and upgrade your Services profile; measure, analyze and act on technical, statistical and behavioral aggregated (not revealing your identity) information; personalize your Services experience based on past actions (e.g. sending you a well-timed push notification if you allowed push notifications to be sent, or sending you a resource special offer only when you need that resource); offer targeted advertising; measure the reach and efficacy of ad campaigns; manage our customer relationship with you by initiating contact or responding to your questions and comments.

5.3. Our Services remain fair and square. As our Services contain elements of social interaction with other users of the Services, it is of utmost importance for Fun Finery to have a level field of play that guarantees safety and fairness for everyone, just like we demand in our Terms of Service ( To achieve that, we use the information described above to: monitor and identify acts that breach our Terms of Service; detect abuse, misuse or incorrect usage of our Services; flag fraudulent behavior as such and isolate its potential impact on legitimate users that abide by our Terms of Service; take other corrective action against fraudulent or abusive players.

6. Information sharing

We can share any of your information with your explicit consent or under these two circumstances.

6.1. Other users of our Services. The Services we offer are social in nature and they allow users to interact with one another in a variety of ways. Other users may for example see your profile data, including your profile picture and certain in-game activities (e.g. winning a tournament). They can also read the messages you have posted either inside our games or outside the games on game forums or on the platforms distributing our games.

6.2. Third party companies and public authorities. To combat fraud and other illegal activities, assist public authorities in response to law-abiding requests or fulfill our contractual agreements we can release your personal or general data in part or in its entirety to third parties without requesting additional consent from you other than the one given by accepting our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. Release of your personal data to public authorities when a court order, subpoena or other substantial legal claims or evidence of unlawful behavior is present, will be done at our own discretion. As some of our obligations to service providers, ad mediation platforms and other third-party partners demand, some parts of your personal information could be shared with such third parties to guarantee the operation of our site, the stability of our backend platform and other services such as advertising all of which are required for the Services to function properly. These third-parties will use such data exclusively for the purpose of fulfilling our mutual contractual obligations and will be required to keep the information confidential. As these third-parties are separate entities not governed by our own Privacy Policy and Terms of Use, we encourage you to read their separate privacy policies and be informed about their data processing practices. Below is an exhaustive list of our partners together with a link to their respective privacy policy.

· Unity Technologies (

· ironSource Mobile Ltd. (

· Game Sparks Technologies Ltd. ( and

· Amplitude Inc. (

7. Ads

In addition to running ads for our Services, we also run rewarded video ads in our own Services using the third-party ad networks discussed above – ironSource Mobile Ltd. and Unity Technologies to supply the ads. As already touched upon in sections 4, 5 and 6, such ad networks will use part of your data to fulfil their contract with us. The data they use usually includes but is not limited to: geographic tracking and carrier network preferences; information such as age, gender and location used to ensure appropriate advertising is presented within our Services, limits on the number of ads viewed are imposed and ads relevant to your interests are delivered to you. As soon as you click on any of these ads we run in our Services, your data can be accessed and processed under the privacy policies of our partners listed above and not under our Privacy Policy.

8. Tracking

Like most online providers of services, for the normal functioning of our Services, including our games, website and interest-based ads, we make use of cookies, ad identifiers and other similar tracking technologies. Ad identifiers are non-permanent and non-personal identifiers such as the Android advertising ID and/or Apple’s ID for advertising (IDFA), which are uniquely associated with the device you are using. Through ad identifiers and other similar technologies some companies (including some of our marketing and advertising partners) can recognize the device used in a website or an application such as our games. Analogically cookies are small strings that a website can use to send over to your device so that it is able to identify that device and its consequent activity (including the collection and restoring of a user name and password if you choose to allow it) and if leveraged correctly this information can help understand and predict the preferences of a user better and therefore improve the experience of a user in the long-run.

We use ad identifiers, cookies and other similar technologies to collect data from your device and improve our provided Services by: recognizing you and your device; analyzing your usage of the Services; making it possible for our Services to establish connection to third party social networks or app platforms; preventing fraud; providing interest-based advertising to; enabling the detection and reaction to custom settings like the device language and push notification settings. Cookies and similar technologies management can happen either at the level of your operating system or inside your browser settings. Note that rejection of cookies, ad identifiers or other similar technologies might cause issues and impede or prevent the normal functions of the Services. Ad identifiers can also be managed through the settings of your device so that their usage for interest-based advertising is disabled. For our users in the US (, Europe ( and Canada ( there is the possibility to opt-out from data collection for advertising purposes on the referenced respective web addresses. Note that the risk of our Services not running properly still stands in the case of opting out of ad identifiers. Also note that adjusting your preferences in any of the described ways will not disable ads, it will only decrease the relevancy of the ads you get to see.

9. Rights

You can stop the collection of all information from this website by leaving and the collection of all information from any of our Services by uninstalling our games. If you would like to review, edit or delete any information that we have already collected, that can personally identify you, please send us a request using any of the means listed in the beginning of our Privacy Policy. We take all such requests very seriously and we will review and answer them swiftly.

10. Disclaimers

10.1. Fun Finery does not willingly collect or solicit personal data about or direct or target interest-based advertising to anyone under the age of 16 and we do not knowingly allow such persons to use our Services. If you are under the age of 16, please do not send any data about yourself to us as we do not allow anyone under the age of 16 to send us any of his personal data. In case we find out that we have collected data about someone under the age of 16, we will delete such data immediately. We advise parents and guardians of children under 16, to regularly monitor and investigate their children’s online presence including the one in our Services.

10.2. Sending any information over the internet, including your general or personal information, runs the risk of malicious third parties intercepting and acquiring such information. We strive to protect your privacy to the best of our abilities, but we cannot guarantee it under any and all circumstances when data is transferred over the internet. By using our Services at your own risk, you acknowledge and accept that we cannot be held responsible for online leaks of your general or personal information whenever such malicious third parties are involved.

10.3. Our website does not use malware, PCI standards or vulnerability scanning and we do not allow third-party behavioral tracking on it. We also abide by “do not track” signals and when we encounter one, we do not track, plant cookies or use advertising.

10.4. Our Services, for example the Privacy Policy you are currently reading, can link you to third-party websites or services. Once you leave our Services to go to such third-party websites or services, the collection and processing of your data it is beyond our control and happens under the privacy policies of these other websites or services.

10.5. This Privacy Policy cannot be referenced with regards to issues inherent in the operation of the internet that are clearly beyond Fun Finery’s control.

10.6. As our service is global by nature and we serve an international audience, you expressly agree and give us permission to transfer and store your data on servers and equipment located in any territory and country around the world.